Horizons Health Grade 3 - Teacher's Guide

Horizons Health Grade 3 - Teacher's Guide

Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 212 pages
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If it's time to further your third grader's health education, get the Horizons 3rd Grade Health Teacher's Guide! This softbound guide has clearly outlined health lessons, a curriculum overview, a unit lesson planner, and more! Individual lesson objectives, required materials, suggested puppet dialogues, and fun activity ideas are included. Contains 55 lessons.

Want to teach your third grader about his body systems? Not quite sure how to put this subject in context for your young learner? Don't worry! The Horizons 3rd Grade Health Teacher's Guide from Alpha Omega Publications is here to help! This complete, step-by-step teacher's guide is a required component for successfully teaching your child practical health topics in the Horizons 3rd Grade Health Student Book and Workbook. This helpful, softbound guide, designed to be taught two to three days per week, comes with an easy-to-follow curriculum overview, a section on how to use the curriculum, a Horizons Health Scope & Sequence, and a complete list of health education resources! Divided by units, this homeschool resource outlines each unit's lessons, goals, background, use of puppets, vocabulary terms, and resources.

But wait, that's just the beginning. All required materials, lesson objectives, background information, lesson directions, and activities are listed for each individual lesson too. Health topics taught include the human body systems, proper manners, medicine use and first aid, nutrition and food classification, and emotional well-being. Also included are the answers to the review questions found in the Student Book. Best of all, you can rest reassured that all health lessons are presented from a quality, Christian-based perspective.

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