Honest Money

Honest Money

by Gary North
Publisher: Dominion Press
Trade Paperback, 174 pages
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Many people are harassed routinely by other believers who imagine that the Bible favors inflationary schemes, bans the paying and receiving of interest, and requires a government monopoly on money to fund state charity. Here, Gary North answers those views with chapter, verse, and an impressive account of the historical context for the Bible's teachings on money, banking, commerce, and trade.

Who knew that the Bible had so much to say about the issues of money and banking? The issue is a serious one, because the Bible is such a foundational part of public understanding of every issue of public life and morality.

You can search the library for weeks and not find a guide as good as Gary North's detailed account of every mention of money and banking in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

What he finds underscores what the hard-money tradition has long said. Governments engage in evil when they change the definition of money. Inflation is a danger to the individual and society. Governments that monopolize the monetary system are abusing their power. Governments cannot be trusted with money. That's the lesson.

As part of the exposition, North provides a tutorial on the Austrian theory of money's origins, functions, and workings in society. He also carefully refutes the canard that the Bible forbids the charging of interest, and further explains what is meant by the condemnation of "usury."

The book is written in very clear language that is designed for teaching, with study questions at the end of each chapter. It would make an excellent text for a religious school, or for anyone who is interested in what the Bible says about this critical subject.

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