Hittite Warrior

Hittite Warrior

Bethlehem Books Living History Library
by Joanne Williamson
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Trade Paperback, 240 pages
Price: $14.95

Historical Setting: Israel, Judges period

"Something caught my eye. It was a movement behind one of the bales in the darkest corner of all, and my skin began to crawl. There was too much activity among the soldiers for them to notice it and, drawn by curiosity in spite of fear, I moved toward what I had seen.

A dark figure stood behind the bale. A flare of light crossed the corner and I saw who it was. It was Jotham and there was something with him, something small that was clinging to him and trying to hide. Then I knew what it was that had been stolen, and the hair rose on the back of my neck at the enormity of the sacrilege. . ."

Uriah the Hittite has found refuge from the Greeks in the Canaanite city of Tyre. Now the Hebrew Jotham's decision to save a child from being sacrificed to Moloch forces Uriah to choose life over reverence of Tyre's fearsome god. The three escape to the hill country of Judea, where Deborah and Barak are mustering the Hebrews to fight the Canaanites.

This meticulously researched novel is set in the time of the Judges, and incorporates Biblical facts with a gripping story, set against the wide background of ancient civilizations.

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Exodus Rating:
FLAWS: Fighting and violence
Summary: A young Hittite warrior, Uriah, battles across the height and breadth of Canaan and discovers the faith of the Hebrews.

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