History Through the Ages - Record of Time Printable Timeline Notebook

History Through the Ages - Record of Time Printable Timeline Notebook

by Amy Pak
Price: $39.95

If you want all of your children to have their own timeline notebook that they can personalize through their school years, this productcan make that goal affordable! This CD contains PDFs of 122 pages of dates ranging from 5000 BC to 2029 AD, and allows you to print off notebook pages for as many children as you need. It is designed to hold the collection of History Through the Ages timeline figures, though you can use it with any figures you choose. Please note thatthis productdoes not include timeline figures.

There are a number of cool features on this CD.Beyond offering a horizontal timeline format (like the printed Record of Time notebook),it also includes a vertical layout.While the horizontal layout makes sense, it can be costlysincehorizontal binders areusually more expensive (the publisher offers a very attractive one for $16.95). To contrast, the verticallayout allows you to use anybinder you wish—HSW even includesfull-color cover art for your use!

Each page contains faint background lines to keep written notations neat and to help align your figures. Tucked into corners of various pages are over 60 notable, inspring quotes pertaining to the time period.A signature page, allowing each child to sign and date the book, helps to make the timeline truly personal.The CD contains a bonus map, making a total of 18 maps, both ancient and modern, to add interest to your childrens' studies. And as a special bonus, this CD also includes the "Suggested Placement Guide," designed to helptake the guesswork out of placingHSW's over 1200 timeline figurescorrectly.There is apublishededition of the horizontal guide, but this CD also offers avertical version.

To recap, the purchase of this printable timeline notebook, along with theHomeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures CD, is theleast expensiveway we know toallowall of yourchildren to make personalized timelines.

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