History on Horseback Volume 1 Set - Text and Activity Guide

History on Horseback Volume 1 Set - Text and Activity Guide

The Early Years: 1493 to 1866

by Vicki Watson
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Learn history the fun way - on horseback!

I (Vicki) like to say, "If horses could type—what a history book they would write!"

Since they can't (type), I decided to write the book for them. Horses were such an integral part of the history of our country. Although I've been a lifelong horse-lover, as I researched, even I was surprised at the variety of ways horses have been used over the years.

Through their bond with humans, horses shaped our history in ways no machine ever could. You’d think such a significant contribution would be highlighted in history textbooks, however in most, horses are strangely absent. History on Horseback is a unique combination of history and horses, sure to appeal to readers who love horses and/or history.

From the days of the Spanish explorers to modern times, History on Horseback brings history to life from a unique perspective: the back of a horse—or perhaps a horse-drawn vehicle.

The series will consist of three volumes, eventually reaching the present day. Volume 1 covers the time frame from 1493 to 1866. The focus is primarily on American history with a few side trips as interesting horse trails are explored. :)

History on Horseback is an enjoyable read on its own or pair it with the accompanying activity guide for a fun history curriculum.

May be used as a history curriculum for homeschool students, but adults will enjoy the book as well. Recommended for ages twelve and up.

Activity Book:

  • 125 loose-leaf pages
  • Additional historical photographs.
  • Additional facts and information.
  • Maps and Activity Sheets.
  • Information about related resources such as books, videos, and websites.
  • Questions and Writing Topics.
  • More horses - meet Cruiser, Fly, Jack, and others.
  • Blank horses to color to match historical or fictional horses.
  • Blank horse-themed writing pages.
  • Blank maps.

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