History of US Book 11: Sourcebook and Index

History of US Book 11: Sourcebook and Index

History of US Book 11
by Joy Hakim
Publisher: Oxford University
3rd Revised Edition, ©2005, ISBN: 9780195327250
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 342 pages
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Designed to accompany Joy Hakim's ten-volume A History of US or as a stand-alone reference, this collection of great American documents is ideal for all students of American history. Filled with primary sources, teh Sourcebook and Index traces the gradual unfolding of ideas of freedom in America through letters, declarations, proclamations, court decisions, speeches, laws, acts, the Constitution, and other writings.

Updated with a complete listing of the constitutional amendments and a listing of the presidents with key information about them, the Sourcebook and Index is arranged chronologically, beginning with the Magna Carta. Each document is introduced and placed in historical context. Difficult vocabulary is defined in the margins along with explanatory notes and commentary that aids in understanding the meaning and historical importance of each document. Neatly cross-referenced with key sections of A History of US, the Sourcebook and Index is an easy-to-use collection of the documents most essential to understanding American history.

Some of the many voices whose words have moved the nation and are included in this volume:

Abigail Adams
Frederick Douglass
Benjamin Franklin
Andrew Jackson
Chief Joseph
Martin Luther King, Jr.
James Monroe
Ronald Reagan
Alexis de Tocqueville
Sojourner Truth
St. John de Crèvecoeur
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Herbert Hoover
Thomas Jefferson
John F. Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
Tom Paine
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry Truman
George Washington
Woodrow Wilson
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