History of the World - Quiz Book

History of the World - Quiz Book

Publisher: A Beka Books
5th Edition, ©2014, Publisher Catalog #183253
Consumable Workbook, 79 pages
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The thread of history is held by God. Your child will see God’s hand in history through these skillfully designed questions that encourage him not only to remember the whos and whats of historical events but to consider the hows and whys. Each of these 40 quizzes consists of ten questions in a variety of formats—short answer, modified true/false, multiple choice, and matching—so that quizzes take a minimum amount of class time and are easy for you to grade. Adjusting quizzes to your schedule is easy since the corresponding section that the quiz covers from the text History of the World in Christian Perspective, 5th ed., is clearly indicated. The quiz book is also correlated with History of the World Tests and History of the World in Christian Perspective Teacher Edition, which includes the daily lesson plans. Note that other quiz grades for the course include “pop” reading quizzes given in the daily plans, graded map projects (see History-of-the-World World Atlas and Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere), and current event reports. Answers and grading guidance for the quiz book are sold separately in History of the World Quiz Key. Grade 7.


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