Hill of the Hawk

Hill of the Hawk

by Scott O'Dell
Publisher: Bobbs-Merril Co
©1947, Item: 92979
Hardcover, 413 pages
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A distant thunder disturbs serene California skies as Grady Dunavant brings his pack train out of the mountains toward the pueblo called Los Angeles. In 1846 the swell of America's manifest destiny is rocking this fertile land of ancient Spanish tradition, Frémont has come out of Oregon into California and with him has come the threat of conquest.

America's invincible youth is thrusting boldly against the alluring richness, the decaying feudalism of Spanish California. Americans look to new dominion. Vaqueros keep their lances sharp.

Behind Grady are a thousand miles of desert and danger. Before him as it has been for years of adventurous trading is the dream of Camilla Howland's bright beauty and of the home they will build. And even as Grady spurs to the dream he is checked by Spanish pride and hate. Riding like a centaur, a girl wheels out of a Spanish column crossing his trail. Briefly she halts before him and her words for the gringo are violent.

This is Luz de Zubaran, of wild, lithe loveliness, with golden eyes. Her father Don Saturnino is a power in this country. A giant in strength, savage in will, he will hold his ancestral home, the Hawk, against all interlopers. At the Hawk he feeds his pet eagle and waits for the certain hour. And at the Hawk his mother Doña Carlota looks unafraid at change. The gift of her many years is a biting wit, a deep wisdom and a sly, resourceful kindness. The Hawk and with it the brilliance, the ritual and the wealth of Spain in this great stretch of the New World may pass for all she can do to prevent it, and she will yet say a welcome to the American.

In Los Angeles Grady finds disappointment and challenge. Though he has come seeking peace, he rides our of the pueblo on an errand of war as a leader in the American plan to seize Los Angeles. He takes with him the love, not of Camilla, but of pale, mysterious Yris Llorente. He remembers always the dark, fiery girl Luz and knows that in ways of fury, passion or ineluctable attraction she will cross his path again. And somewhere, sometime he must settle his private feud with Cesaire Curel.

Now America is at war, and Grady is caught in its turmoil. From San Diego to Los Angeles, in the vast estates of the coastal plains and the inland valleys, a year of abundant harvest becomes a year of cruel struggle. Grady must run the terrible gantlet. Commodore Sloat, grave and conscientious, struggles with indecision. Stockton sails down from San Francisco. American marines battle dashing Spanish horsemen. General Kearny's lean desert army meets the incredible lances.

In the greater drama are individual heroisms: Juan Flaco's ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Kit Carson's frontiersman's craft in stealing through enemy lines.

Always the Hawk is central to Grady's destiny, the beautiful ranch and its proud, passionate people. There he knows great suffering, seeming betrayal, marvelous loyalty, ownership and loss, captivity and rescue, agony and reward.

Epic in scope, this novel is fascinating in detail. A wind blows through the pages, stirring everything to wind blows through the pages, stirring everything to life and movement. In the driving gale no color is lost, no portrait blurred. Clouds are swept away and a world comes into light, a world of rancheros, vaqueros, Indians, mountain men, traders, settlers, pioneers, soldiers and sailors. An intricate and varied plot sweeps forward.

The pageantry of Spanish California is contrasted with the rugged force of frontier America. And while he records the triumph of the new, Scott O'Dell writes a requiem for the old. Hill of the Hawk is both taps and reveille.

Flashing and powerful, by turn tender, terrible, humorous and mordant, ever punctuated with drama, an outstanding novel wins high rank for Scott O'Dell. Out of the past he has brought a brave tale to win America present

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Hill of the Hawk is a historical fiction novel by Scott O'Dell. The story is set in the 16th century in Spain and follows the journey of a young boy named Juan de la Cruz. Juan is the son of a wealthy landowner who is killed in a battle against the Moors. Juan is forced to flee his home and is taken in by a group of monks who live on a hill known as the Hill of the Hawk. The monks teach Juan about the ways of the world and he becomes a skilled archer. However, Juan's peaceful life is disrupted when he is captured by the Moors and taken as a slave. He is forced to work in the fields and is treated cruelly by his captors. Juan eventually escapes and makes his way back to the Hill of the Hawk. There, he discovers that the monks are planning to defend the hill against an attack by the Moors. Juan uses his archery skills to help the monks defend the hill and ultimately emerges as a hero. Hill of the Hawk is a thrilling tale of adventure, courage, and perseverance. It is a story of a young boy who overcomes incredible odds to become a hero and find his place in the world.


Hill of The Hawk is a historical fiction novel written by Scott O'Dell. The story is set in the medieval period and follows the life of a young boy named Duncan who lives in Scotland. Duncan is an orphan and is being raised by his uncle, who is a blacksmith. One day, while playing in the woods, Duncan meets an old man named Finlay who teaches him the art of falconry.Duncan becomes fascinated with falconry and begins to train his own hawk. However, his uncle disapproves of his new hobby and forbids him from practicing it. Despite this, Duncan continues to train his hawk in secret and becomes skilled enough to participate in a falconry competition.As the story progresses, Duncan becomes embroiled in the political tensions between Scotland and England. He is forced to choose between his loyalty to his country and his love for his hawk. The novel is filled with adventure, romance, and suspense as Duncan navigates through the challenges of his life.Overall, Hill Of The Hawk is a captivating tale that transports readers to a different time and place. It is a story of love, friendship, and loyalty that will keep readers engaged until the very end.


Hill of the Hawk is a historical fiction novel by Scott O'Dell. Set in the 16th century, the story follows the adventures of a young Spanish soldier named Pedro de Salcedo. After being injured in battle, Pedro is sent to the New World to serve as a scout for the Spanish army. There, he befriends a group of Native Americans and learns about their way of life. As Pedro becomes more involved with the Native American community, he begins to question his own loyalty to the Spanish crown. When a rival tribe threatens to attack the peaceful village, Pedro must choose between his duty to the Spanish army and his newfound loyalty to his Native American friends. Hill of the Hawk is a thrilling adventure story that explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and cultural identity.


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