High Wind for Kansas

High Wind for Kansas

by Mary Calhoun, W. T. Mars (illustrator)
©1965, Item: 90419
Hardcover, 48 pages
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Out of the dust loomed—couldn't be, sure 'twas—a sail. A boat coming down the main street of Westport, Missouri! It was a wagon with a sail. A real, for-sure, prairie schooner. It had a wagon bed with a post up front for a mast and a sail rigged on it. The wagon tongue was cocked up to serve as tiller and rudder.

It was, in fact, a windwagon, and the man who made it envisaged a whole fleet of them, which would revolutionize western migration. "Gentlemen," he asked, "what have you got the most of? Wind. There it goes, just whistling by, not doing nobody a lick of good. Men, I propose to harness that wind!"

But the men who saw the windwagon were form Missouri, and they had to be shown. How they were shown, and what was the fate of the newly formed Overland Navigation Company, is told by Mary Calhoun with color and humor. Her lively story is based on an authentic frontier incident, and W.T. Mars has interpreted it with appropriately breezy illustrations.

—from the dust jacket

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