Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

A Story of England

Reformation Trail Series #21
by Lucy Ellen Geurnsey
Trade Paperback, 251 pages
List Price: $17.95 Sale Price: $15.26

"Never, never, Dear Father!" exclaimed Jack, starting up and speaking with an energy which brought a flush to his pale cheeks. "Never will I leave you for the sake of becoming a lazy drone, like the monks yonder, or a proud priest like their prior, who rides abroad in such state upon his mule, and grinds the faces of poor men, and robs widows and orphans as he does. I would rather be a shepherd on the hillside all day like my old Uncle Thomas, or a sailor like Davy Brent, or a miner under ground, than live such a life!"

"Well, well, Boy, I am glad of it with all my heart, but you need not speak so loud or put yourself in such a heat about it. The priests are not all alike either. Never was a better man than our Sir William."

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