Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!

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With Greek education becoming increasingly more popular, Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is one of the first Koine Greek courses aimed at elementary students. Parents don't need any previous experience with Greek to successfully teach the program, and kids can easily read, study and complete most lessons on their own. While some people might think teaching Greek to very young children is unnecessary or even counterproductive, elementary students are at a particularly good age for learning a foreign language since their minds are more adept at memorization and retention of information.

How Do These Work?

There are seven levels each with 36 lessons to be taught over a traditional schoolyear (one week per lesson). Some students will be able to complete lessons at a more rapid pace, but since Greek isn't an essential subject during the early years a slower pace is suggested. Level one begins at kindergarten or first grade; you don't want to start much later than this as the text and exercises in the first two levels are oriented to very young children.

For each level there is a consumable student worktext, an answer key, a small test and quiz booklet, and flashcards on a ring. Three pronunciation audio CDs cover all seven levels, including the primer that accompanies level one; the primer includes the entire Greek alphabet and one short Greek sentence. Sheet music provides music and lyrics for a level one Greek alphabet song, which is also included as the first track on the first pronunciation CD.

Instructional text is kept to a minimum, while there is plenty of written work for each lesson. The answer keys for the worktexts are simply reproduced student worktext pages with the answers included in bold. Some brief supplementary teacher material at the beginning covers each lesson and includes background information and tips for presentation. The pronunciation CDs provide correct pronunciation for each letter and word found in the texts. On the front of each flashcard is a Greek letter or word, and on the back is the pronunciation in English (for letters) or the English translation (for words); vocabulary flashcards also include an illustrative sentence in English to demonstrate the word's meaning.

A Greek Bible Copybook can be used in conjunction with level seven, or on its own as a makeshift level eight. The consumable copybook includes the entire Greek text of the Gospel of John (the Nestle text), as well as the literal word-for-word English translation in an interlinear format. This is not an extended translation exercise. Students do not translate the Gospel of John; they simply copy it out in order to gain a familiarity with the text in its original Greek form. By the time they're ready for this exercise, students should be familiar with much of the vocabulary, but the point is immersion in the language, not meticulous translation.

It's difficult to describe this course as either "teacher-intensive" or "student-directed." Since it was designed to be taught by parents with no Greek experience themselves, you won't need to do outside research or gathering of material yourself, but you will need to consult the answer keys from time to time to provide a more complete picture to your children. Students will get by pretty well on their own through most of the exercises, but any help you can offer will certainly be valuable.

This is an inductive course. In level one, students learn to say and identify the letters of the Greek alphabet, and exercises have them trace each letter with their finger. Level two introduces vocabulary with no grammar instruction, and level three introduces different forms of already learned words with no explanation of endings, case, gender, or number. Not until level four do students learn about punctuation, accents, breathings, or actual grammar (identified as such).Level fiveincludes more formal grammar instruction, and by level seven exercises include translating short Bible verses.

Each level begins with review of the last one, and each lesson reviews elements from those before it. This constant reinforcement means that the course as a whole moves at a fairly slow pace, but it is also helps to ensure retention and understanding. Even individual exercises within lessons tend to be very repetitive (writing letters or words over and over), again with the goal of mastery and not mere introduction.

Our Honest Opinion:

While elementary kids probably don't need to learn Greek, it can help them in their understanding of English. Since this is a Christian-oriented program designed to teach Biblical Greek, it will also ultimately lead to a better understanding of the New Testament Scripture.

Definitely don't use this course to teach older kids (at least not levels 1-3). The approach makes it good for younger kids, but is too juvenile to make it appealing to middle school or high school students. It is not a comprehensive program: it will familiarize students with the basics of the language, but they will need further instruction if they want to become intimate with Koine Greek.

A good curriculum to move to from Hey Andrew! would be Elementary Greek, as it continues the same pattern of easy introduction of new material and constant review for reinforcement. Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! shouldn't be your last stop for Greek education, but it could be a good place to start.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
C. Hollis Crossman used to be a child. Now he is a husband and father, teaches adult Sunday school in his Presbyterian congregation, and likes weird stuff. He might be a mythical creature, but he's definitely not a centaur.Read more of his reviews here.


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