Heroes of Polar Exploration

Heroes of Polar Exploration

by Ralph K. Andrist (Author)
©1962, Item: 74882
Hardcover, 153 pages
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The adventures and heroic deeds of pioneer and recent polar explorers including the I.G.Y. scientists of the present day. 

Founded in 1949, American Heritage magazine was a leading voice of American history--but they published books for world history too. By the mid 1960s, the company employed approximately 300 people, with American Heritage as a flagship for the direct marketing of history books. Horizon Caravel books were one series they published. The 34 attractive hardbound books present young readers with most of the important, and many lesser-known, events and figures in world history, all of them engagingly written and full of beautiful color illustrations ranging from photographs to oil paintings. Because there's so much information, and most entries are divided into digestible sections, these make excellent flip-through books for free time or a rainy day.

Because each title is topic-specific, these also make excellent resources for research projects. And because kids love reading about battles and exploration, artists and builders, the Horizon Caravel series is a great way to get them more interested in history by providing them with factual information on the subjects they already love. A great addition to any library, and lots of fun to collect. 

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