Heritage Studies 6 - Student Textbook (old)

Heritage Studies 6 - Student Textbook (old)

To Know the Past

by Kimberly Pascoe, Dawn L. Watkins, Sharon Hambrick, 3 othersLinda Hayner, Stephanie Ralston, Eileen M. Berry
3rd Edition, ©2012, Publisher Catalog #522995
Softcover Textbook, 457 pages
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This is a significant improvement over the 2nd edition. The 3rd edition is nearly 140 pages longer, and it isn't just filler—students are given a fuller understanding of the study and nature of history, a more detailed look at ancient cultures, and more maps, timelines and illustrations, all from a distinctly Christian perspective.

The 3rd edition isn't substantially different from the 2nd in terms of implementation, it simply has far more (and more valuable) information. It follows the same topic order, but with better organization, and the plethora of illustrations are intended specifically to add depth to the information included in the text.

Curriculum publishers often "revise" textbooks to force educators into spending more money; that is certainly not the case with Heritage Studies 6 for Christian Schools. The changes here are real and useful.

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