Heritage Studies 3 - Student Worktext (old)

Heritage Studies 3 - Student Worktext (old)

2nd Edition, ©2006, Publisher Catalog #201368
Consumable Workbook, 137 pages
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The Heritage Studies 3 is a study of American history from the Constitutional Convention to the westward expansion. It includes the presidencies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Important American ideals are discussed in the Missouri Compromise, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Thirteenth Amendment.

The three branches of American government are introduced and then contrasted with the French monarchy. A chapter on the 50 states showcases the states and capitals, and regional divisions in the United States. A study of American Indians, slavery, and Spanish-American culture present the diversity of the American people. The American Revolution, War of 1812, and the Civil War characterize the struggle for true freedom and equality. The text highlights Christian men and women such as Lowell Mason, Stonewall Jackson and missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman who made an impact on our Christian heritage. Cultural enrichment units on American music, legends, and holidays increase student awareness of our gifted forefathers. Map skills, graphing techniques and chart mastery are activities reviewed throughout the text.

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