Heritage of Freedom - Student Text (old)

Heritage of Freedom - Student Text (old)

United States History in Christian Perspective

Publisher: A Beka Books
3rd Edition, ©2010, Publisher Catalog #103462
Softcover Textbook
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This positive, patriotic approach to American history brings to life events and personalities that have shaped America and places a special emphasis on America's Christian past. Heritage of Freedom rejects the conflict approach of Marxist historians (and progressive educators and liberal newsmen) to give a narrative account of what has made our country great and what can keep it great. A study of the history of ideas allows each student to see why our nation went in the direction it did in the twentieth century and what can be done to save it. A rich variety of colorful photographs, illustrations, maps, and time lines enhance the teaching and learning of American history. Comprehensive reviews concluding each chapter aid in reinforcing the material. Key terms are highlighted. A "Study Guide for Reading the Constitution" helps students better understand this important document.

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