Here to Help Learning Essays Flight 1

Here to Help Learning Essays Flight 1

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A multi-sensory approach to writing that is excellent for all learning styles. On this flight (flight=one year of instruction) students learn how to write a 4-5 paragraph essay. Students travel through the writing process and complete six writing projects.

  • Project #1 Trusted Tutelage (Expository/ Literary Technique Focus: Simile)
  • Project #2 Monumental Hero (Narrative/ Literary Technique Focus: Personification)
  • Project #3 Change It Up!(Expository/Literary Technique Focus: Onomatopoeia)
  • Project #4 Poetry Walk in the Mountains (Poetry)
  • Project #5 Canterbury Tales (Narrative/ Literary Technique Focus: Irony)
  • Project #6 My Own Book (Narrative Fiction/ Literary Technique Focus: Mood)

This program is designed for multi-level teaching and recommended for students in grades 4-6+ and higher who are learning to write a multi- paragraph essay. Teacher-friendly, kid-friendly, and perfect for homeschool co-ops! Teacher’s Kit includes one Teacher’s Guide with scripted lessons, one student workbook, and six high-quality instructional DVDs that are engaging and enjoyable for children and the teacher.

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