Heralds of the Reformation

Heralds of the Reformation

Thirty Biographies of Sheer Grace

by Richard Hannula
Publisher: Canon Press
272 pages
Price: $15.00

The sixteenth century in Europe was a tumultuous time. Monumental inventions like the printing press occurred alongside huge philosophical shifts caused by Copernicus. But just as important was the seismic upheaval within Christendom herself, as the Church of Rome responded to internal rebuke with oppression. In thirty short biographies, Heralds of the Reformation tells the important story of the struggle between the theological authorities and the men and women who refused to keep quiet about the sheer grace of the Gospel.

Designed for students young and old, this book also includes a Reformation Overview and Timeline, seven short summaries of Reformation Basics, and Comprehension Questions and Answers.

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