Henry V

Henry V

by William Shakespeare, Claire McEachern (Editor)
Publisher: Dover Publications
Mass market paperback, 112 pages
Price: $4.00

Henry, with the support of his nobles, decides to reclaim the French throne. Ambassadors from France arrive at Court and rudely warn Henry against carrying out his plans, but Henry responds by declaring war on France.

Falstaff, Henry's former friend, dies broken-hearted that Henry has rejected him.

English troops lay siege to the town of Harfleur, which soon surrenders. The French king orders a massive assault by French troops. The English prepare for battle. The English troops are desperately outnumbered at Agincourt but Henry urges them to fight bravely with a rallying battle cry.

The English are victorious. A peace treaty is signed and preparations begin for the marriage of Henry to the French princess, Katherine.

—Summary taken from The World of Shakespeare.

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