Henrietta and the Day of the Iguana

Henrietta and the Day of the Iguana

by Winifred Rosen, Kay Chorao (Illustrator)
Publisher: Four Winds Press
Hardcover, 32 pages
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There is nothing in the world that Henrietta hates quite as much as shopping—especially when it's for clothes. And especially when her mother brings Henrietta's older sister Evelyn along.

Everything Henrietta tries on is too small and looks terrible. (Clothes always fit Evelyn perfectly.) Henrietta can't find anything. But, of course, Evelyn finds a beautiful dress right away, and Henrietta's mother buys something, too. Henrietta is the only one without a package! She also has sore feet, tired legs, and she's hungry.

Henrietta finds this very depressing. And to make things even worse, Evelyn starts calling her "an idiot." If there's one thing Henrietta can't stand it's Evelyn calling her an idiot. Suddenly, Henrietta decides to announce that what she really wants to buy is an iguana!
"Don't be silly, dear," her mother tells her. But the more Evelyn and her mother argue against the iguana, the more Henrietta is convinced that an iguana is exactly what she wants.

Finally, Henrietta's mother says, "You'll have to ask your father." And not long after that, Henrietta and her father are on their way to the pet store.

What happens when Henrietta sees her first iguana, and how she discovers that every- one in the world (even Evelyn) acts like an idiot sometimes, makes a funny and appeal- ing story. Kay Chorao's delightful drawings bring Henrietta and her family vividly to life.

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