Illustrated Junior Library Series 2
by Johanna Spyri, William Sharp (Illustrator), Helen B. Dole (Translator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1973, Item: 72258
Hardcover, 327 pages
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Heidi, as millions of children know, was a little Swiss orphan girl. Because no one seemed to know just what to do with her, she was sent to live with her grouchy old grandfather who dwelt in a lonely hut high above the village in the Alps.

With her merry heart and her loving nature Heidi brought happiness into the life of the gloomy old hermit and into the lives of everyone she met as she scampered about the sunny mountain pastures.

Later, like a sweet breath of mountain air, she came down again to the lowlands to visit Klara, whose life she had helped to save the summer before. Her joyous adventures make the book which bears her name one of the best-loved in all children's literature.

The Helen B. Dole translation is noted for the remarkable freshness and charm with which it renders Johanna Spyri's original text into English. This, and the striking illustrations done exclusively for THE ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR LIBRARY makes this a volume every child will want.

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