Heidi Grows Up

Heidi Grows Up

A Sequel to Heidi
by Charles Tritten, Jean Coquillot (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1938, Item: 91663
Hardcover, 212 pages
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Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of children have asked: Whatever became of little Heidi when she grew up? Did she go to school in Dörfli, or did she stay with the grandfather in his little cottage high up on the Alm of the Swiss Alps? And did Klara, whom Heidi had encouraged to walk again when everyone else had lost hope, come back as she had promised? And what of Peter, the goatherd, and the dear, blind old grandmother, and the good doctor who had offered Heidi his home, and Brigitte? And what became of Schwänli and Bärli, the goats who loved Heidi quite as much as everyone else in Dörfli?

Do you remember that the last chapter of Heidi was called, "Parting to Meet Again"? Well, Johanna Spyri's translator has written the book in which we meet again the people we knew and loved so well and in this new book about Heidi, written with the same charm and delightfulness of the old, you will find many adventures and surprises and a happy ending in which her fondest dreams are realized.

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