Hebrew Alphabet Book

Hebrew Alphabet Book

by Avi Margalit (Illustrator)
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls
©1968, Item: 91733
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From inside the front of the book:


The book you are now holding is a Hebrew book, or more correctly, a Hebrew and English book.

Hebrew is the language of the Bible. It is also one of the oldest languages in the world.

Practically nobody spoke Hebrew for nearly two thousand years, although many people read many ancient and holy books in Hebrew during that time.

In fact, when the United States was first in its infancy, and universities were just getting started, one of the first subjects that was taught was – Hebrew.

There are many interesting things about this ancient language which has once again become a popular and spoken language.

One of the strangest things for you to realize is that you are now at the back – yes, that's right, the back – of this book!

You see, Hebrew moves from right to left.

So, get ready, turn the book to the "back" and you'll be at the front – in Hebrew.


Have fun.

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