He Went with Drake

He Went with Drake

by Louise Andrews Kent
Publisher: Living Book Press
2022 Reprint, ©1961, ISBN: 9781922634948
Print-on-demand paperback, 231 pages
Price: $15.99

The Golden Hind gained swiftly on the Manila Galleon, wallowing heavy-laden with silks and jewels and gold for the coffers of the King of Spain. Sir Francis Drake was about to pluck another rich prize for England and young Oliver Barrett was ready for whatever might come.

Drake—solider of fortune, pirate, if you will, but the Queen's favorite captain—was the scourge of Spain. Oliver and his cousin James were two of the luckiest boys in England to sail with this bold commander, though it wasn't their courage that landed them a place on The Golden Hind, but the fact that Oliver could play the citern and James had a good singing voice. For Drake sailed in style, and would gallantly provide an enemy with food and entertainment after he had seized his ship.

But this famous adventure was only a prelude to Oliver's later mission for Drake as a spy in the Port of Cadiz and then as commander of his own vessel in the great battle with the Armada.

Of all the "He Went with" books, none has a more colorful setting or dashing subject than this one. The rich, varied light of the Elizabethan period—here vividly evoked—lends added glow to the scenes of high action.

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