He Art Cooking

He Art Cooking

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What is He Art? He Art is communicating God's love and peace through art! It was inspired by two moments. The first was when I read Leo Tolstoy's, "Theory of Art." Tolstoy believes that art communicates emotions just as well as words communicate ideas. The emotions that Tolstoy thinks are best to communicate are those that bring us together in unity. He goes on to say that the best unity among people is unity in Christ.

The second moment of He art's origin came when I was singing in church one day. I was reading the words on the screen and noticed that 'heart' could be read as He art. This reminded me of the LORD's prayer, and I thought at the time it would be an excellent t-shirt company logo. In turn though, the idea has grown to encompass my application of Tolstoy's theory as well as all types of art that God does in my life. The main three are He Art studio, He Art shirts, and He Art cooking. All the art I make is art for Him, thus He Art.

What is He Art cooking? He Art cooking is communicating God's love and peace through cooking! In these recipes, I hope you enjoy looking at the work and receive God's love and peace in the community that cooking often inspires! For more information and art, please visit: www.nathanwoods.org. God Bless!

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