Hawaii, the Aloha State

Hawaii, the Aloha State

by Helen Bauer
©1963, Item: 91371
Library Binding, 192 pages
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This book portrays a snapshot of Hawaii, as we can read, from the introduction:

"Let me introduce you to the fiftieth state of the United States, THE ALOHA STATE, about whose history, customs, and beauty there is so much to learn. It is the first island state with eight large islands and more than fifty smaller islands. It is the state with the mildest climate, has the wettest spot (Mount Waileale), the largest active volcano (Mauna Loa), and the largest inactive volcano (Haleakala). Over sixty-five per cent of the world's canned pineapple products come from the fiftieth state. Every year Hawaii produces more than a million tons of sugar. Hawaii is the only state, once ruled by kings, where there is still a royal palace..."

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