Hawaii, Gem of the Pacific

Hawaii, Gem of the Pacific

Landmark #49
by Oscar Lewis, Stephen Medvey (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
©1954, Item: 41138
Hardcover, 183 pages
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When Japanese planes dropped their bombs on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the eyes of the world were focused on the Hawaiian Islands. Within twenty-four hours the United States had declared war on Japan and was rushing ships, planes and men to the defense of the Territory of Hawaii. For those Pacific Islands are an important part of the United States. They are so important that they may someday become the forty-ninth state in the Union.

In Hawaii: Gem of the Pacific, Oscar Lewis tells the fascinating story of the islands that have become famous as the Crossroads of the Pacific. As you read his book, you feel as though you are right there, enjoying the tropical flowers and pounding seas, climbing the steep volcanoes, eyeing the great cliff over which King Kamehameha long ago pushed the enemy army that opposed him. You see how, through the years, the Territory of Hawaii has transformed itself from a primitive island kingdom into a flourishing, modern community.

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