Have You Seen Tom Thumb?

Have You Seen Tom Thumb?

by Mabel Leigh Hunt, Fritz Eichenberg (Illustrator)
Publisher: J.B. Lippincott Co.
©1942, Item: 88386
Library Rebind, 259 pages
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An American biography so happy and valuable in subject, so colorful in the background of his career, that one wonders how Charles Sherwood Stratton has so long been overlooked by American biographers. But one is glad that the "man in miniature" beloved by the entire world as General Tom Thumb, has waited for the consummate skill displayed by Mabel Leigh Hunt in telling his story. 

With enthusiastic research, understanding, and deep affection, she has recreated the life and career of Tom Thumb from the moment when the master showman, P. T. Barnum, discovered him in his Bridgeport home at five years old. Tom Thumb was a midget, but not a dwarf; a personality lovable as well as unique; a distinguished artist of the theatre; a miniature man among men. His career from 1842 to 1883 is a success story that has never been matched, but it has also a fairy tale quality and a consistently bubbling humor and joy arising out of the pleasure that Tom Thumb gave his audiences, always, in every country of the globe.

American boys and girls—and grownups too—will find this truly American biography both charming and absorbing.

Fritz Eichenberg adds to an important book with captivating drawings.

The frontispiece is based on a contemporary lithograph of Tom Thumb made at the time of his first London visit in 1843.

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