Harry and the Lady Next Door

Harry and the Lady Next Door

An I Can Read Book Level 1
by Gene Zion, Margaret Bloy Graham (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Trade Paperback, 62 pages
Price: $4.99

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Harry's had it! The lady next door sings too high and too loud for him. He brings some cows and the tuba player of a band to her window and makes frogs jump on her head in his efforts to find something that can sing softer and lower, but she out-sings them all, and Harry must sleep in the doghouse at night. Is there anything that can sing deep and low and yet louder than the lady next door?

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  Harry and the Lady Next Door
Anna (age 7) of Oregon, 6/8/2016
I like Harry and the Lady Next Door because he never stopped trying to get the lady to stop singing. What I don't like is that he tried to bite the lady because he hated her high singing. My favorite part is that Harry heard a "Blurp, Blurp" sound and raced over to where a watering can sat. Two frogs were in it and Harry gently picked up the watering can with his teeth and quietly ran over to where the contest was. And then, he took it and put it behind the lady next door. And the lady sang a very high note and both frogs jumped up. One landed on her head and one on her shoulder. All the other ladies who were watching fled except the lady next door. She kept singing. What I like about that is that it is kind of like, "don't give up. Keep trying!" Harry kept trying to get her to stop singing. The lady kept singing when the frogs jumped on her. The lady kept singing and won the contest. About a week later, she went on a ship and sang a good-bye song. But at that moment, the fog horn went on and it was a nice sound to Harry because it was low.