Hardy Boys #45 (matte)

Hardy Boys #45 (matte)

Mystery of the Spiral Bridge

by Franklin W. Dixon
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1966, Item: 68152
Hardcover, 178 pages
Used Price: $3.60 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

This revised vintage editions has the white and black picture end pages.

Frank and Joe Hardy are determined to bring to justice the vicious criminals who kidnapped their detective father while he was investigation sabotage of a road-building project in the Kentucky wilderness. After Mr. Hardy’s escape, the two young sleuths are spurred into action when he mumbles the word “Felix” and they discover a dossier of a notorious ex-convict was stolen from his files. The trail leads them to New York City but ends abruptly in a cemetery! With the new clue of a spiral symbol the boys head to Kentucky as part of a highway construction crew to track down the kidnappers and saboteurs.

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