Hardy Boys #37 (vintage)

Hardy Boys #37 (vintage)

Ghost at Skeleton Rock

by Franklin W. Dixon
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1966, Item: 68146
Hardcover, 178 pages
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This revised vintage edition has white and black picture end pages.

A cryptic message from their famous detective father and a note concealed in a ventriloquist’s dummy lead Frank and Joe Hardy on a dangerous search to the tropical islands in the Caribbean. There the teenage detectives are constantly beset by vicious henchmen of a criminal mastermind. Danger stalks the boys’ every move, once in an isolated sugar mill, another time in a shark-infested sea. But when Frank and Joe come face to face with the ghost at Skeleton Rock, it will be as much of a surprise to the reader as it was to the young detectives themselves.


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