Hardy Boys #27: Secret of Skull Mountain

Hardy Boys #27: Secret of Skull Mountain

by Franklin W. Dixon
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1948, Item: 59913
Hardcover, 212 pages
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There is a crisis in Bayport! Soon the city will be without water! Every night water strangely disappears from the new resevoir near Skull Mountain. Frank and Joe Hardy join forces with a team of skilled engineers to solve the baffling mystery.

When the boys arrive at the foot of the mountain, they are met by a human skull rolling down the slope--a chilling warning from a weird hermit. Violence, too, stalks the mountain, where a gang controlled by a powerful crime syndicate hatches a vicious plot. While trying to uncover the gang's sinister motive, Frank and Joe aid their detective father in his search for a missing scientist.

By a clever experiment, the boys discover a clue to the puzzle of the vanishing water. Suspense mounts when they explore an ancient subterranean river channel, deep inside Skull Mountain. In a thrilling climax the famous young detectives solve their own mystery as well as Mr. Hardy's case.

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