Happy New Year, Julie

Happy New Year, Julie

American Girl

American Girl: Julie #3
by Megan McDonald, Robert Hunt (Illustrator)
Publisher: American Girl
1st Edition, ©2007, ISBN: 9781593692926
Hardcover, 77 pages
Current Retail Price: $12.95
Used Price: $4.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

Historical Setting: 1974, San Francisco, Chinese New Year

Julie knows Christmas will be difficult this year, but when her sister Tracy refuses to go to Dad's house for Christmas, Julie feels as if her family is falling apart. Over the holidays Julie finds comfort spending time with her best friend, Ivy Ling. The Lings are getting ready for Chinese New Year, and helping with their preparations distracts Julie from her sadness about her own family. Then she learns that her whole family is invited to the Lings' New Year banquet. Julie tries to share Ivy's excitement, but her heart sinks--with Mom, Dad, and Tracy there, how will they all get along?

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