Happy Birthday, Moon

Happy Birthday, Moon

by Frank Asch
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Revised, ©1982, ISBN: 9781442494008
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $7.99

Bear decides one day to get the Moon a present. Only problem is, the Moon is too far away to hear Bear. Nothing daunted, Bear hikes up to the mountains. He is much closer to the Moon up there, and starts to talk to the Moon.

"Hello!" Bear yells.

"Hello!" Bear's voice echoes off the mountains. Bear is delighted! He is talking to the Moon!

He ends up getting the Moon a hat for his birthday, and he puts it in the tree so that when the Moon rises, he can wear it. When it blows off in the night and lands on Bear’s doorstep, Bear believes that the Moon has given him a birthday present as well! But just like the Moon, the wind blows Bear's hat off his head and Bear cannot find it no matter how hard he tries. He goes back up to the mountain to talk to the Moon.

"I lost the beautiful hat you gave me." says Bear.

"I lost the beautiful hat you gave me." replies the Moon.

"That's okay, I still love you." says Bear.

"That's okay, I still love you." says the Moon.

This gentle and humorous story is sure to be a hit even with your youngest listeners.

Review by Hadley Payne (née Ayers)

Hadley Ayers was an exemplary employee at Exodus for several years. Full of life and laughter, she is an avid reader who loves both classics and popular literature. Her reviews are clear, helpful and often witty. Check more of them out here.


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Summary: Young kids love this story of the bear who "talks" to the moon—hearing his own echo.

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