Hans Brinker

Hans Brinker

Or, The Silver Skates

Windermere Readers #7
by Mary Mapes Dodge, Milo Winter (Illustrator)
Publisher: Rand McNally
1954 Edition, 2nd printing, ©1936, Item: 90818
Library Binding, 352 pages
Used Price: $10.00 (2 in stock) Condition Policy

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This is the story of a poor brother and sister in long-ago Holland—the beautiful land of windmills, tulips, and wooden shoes. Here Hans and his sister Gretel experience championship skating, hunger and family hardship, and countless adventures.

Through trials and moments of great joy, Hans and Gretel show how faith in Christ and loving sacrifice can heal families more than any amount of riches.

  • Edition1:  This title isn't listed as a Windermere in my 1918-1919 catalog.
  • Edition2:  Not listed as a Windermere on the one dj I have for this edition.
  • Edition 3:  Not listed as a Windermere on the one dj I have for this edition.
  • Edition 4:  Illus copyright of 1936, edition of 1937.  1938 inscription.  No code.  5 color illustrations & various b&w illus.  No dj.  
  • Edition 5:  Copyright 1936, edition of 1954, 1956 printing.  Frontispiece only color illus; various b&w illus.  Forest green cover.
  • Edition 6:  I don't know if this came out as a softcover.  
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