Makers of History Series
by Jacob Abbott
Print-on-demand paperback, 210 pages
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Abbott presents the life of Hannibal in graphic detail. His account is stirring, engaging and gripping. This is an excellent supplement to a history course as well as delightful reading. While motivated by selfish designs, Hannibal is still an outstanding example of how assiduity can overcome great odds."

Patch Blakey, executive director, Association of Classical & Christian Schools

An account of the life of the famous Carthaginian general who acquired distinction as a warrior by his desperate contests with the Romans. This lively treatment of the Punic Wars graphically depicts Hannibal's crossing of the Alps with his elephants, the battles he waged in Italy, his eventual defeat, and the ultimate destruction of Carthage.

Later in life, several years after his attempt at subduing Rome, it is believed that Hannibal was asked by Scipio Africanus, the Roman general who defeated him at Carthage, who Hannibal thought was the best military general of all time. Hannibal is reported to have said Alexander the Great was first, another Greek general was second, and that Hannibal was third. But Hannibal qualified this response by asserting that had he beat Scipio Africanus, then Hannibal would have been the best military general ever.

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