Stepping Stones: A Chapter Book
by Gloria Whelan, Leslie Bowman (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
Mass market paperback, 64 pages
List Price: $5.99 Sale Price: $5.09

"Just because I can't see, strangers think I can't hear either. Or they believe I am stupid."

Nine-year-old Hannah would do almost anything to go to school—and to prove these strangers wrong. But the year is 1887, Hannah is blind, and her parents keep her at home where she is safe.

Then Lydia Robbin comes to town. She's a strong-willed teacher who accomplishes a small miracle: she convinces Hannah's parents to send her to school at last. At first Hannah is overjoyed. And then she realizes that many things—and people—stand in the way of her education. Miss Robbin shows her the way to a whole new life, but Hannah will need tremendous courage to attain it.

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