Handbook of Mathematical Tables and Formulas

Handbook of Mathematical Tables and Formulas

by Richard Stevens Burington
©1957, Item: 89443
Hardcover, 296 pages
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To the Student who uses this Handbook:

As a student of mathematics you are studying the subject, either because you have a liking for it or, because it is a required subject in your professional training–happily, if for both of these reasons. The subject is one of the fundamental natural sciences and perhaps the most fundamental of all. While a mathematician may not necessarily need to know of engineering, physics, chemistry, or other natural sciences, yet to every engineer, physicist, chemist, or other scientist mathematics is a neccessity.

Unquestionably you will many times in later life need to know the formulas and the numerical data to be found in this Handbook. These, if not forgotten completely, will be recalled then so hazily as to be subject to doubt. Since mathematics is an exact science doubt can have no place in its applications.

The contents of this Handbook were carefully selected by one who has had many years of experience in the applications of mathematics and in teaching the subject to prospective scientists and engineers. You have become familiar with its contents in your own use of it. Where could you possibly find a more handy and reliable source for the information which it presents and which you need?

The subject matter is not ephemeral but everlasting–as true in the future as it has been in the past. By all means, retain this book for your own reference library. You will need it many limes in years to come.

The Publishers

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