Handbook for Reading (old)

Handbook for Reading (old)

Publisher: A Beka Books
3rd Edition, ©1995, Publisher Catalog #94927
Student Reader, 157 pages
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The A Beka Book Reading Program is supported by a wide range of phonics-based language arts materials that increase reading comprehension and refine thinking skills.

A Handbook for Reading is an invaluable teaching tool for the application of phonics rules. It clearly presents the six easy steps to reading. The blends and words in this reader are arranged to correlate with the sequence in which the special phonics sounds are taught. Ample practice and thorough review are provided. The early introduction of vowels provides faster access to whole words.


A Beka does not sell their materials to retail bookstores, preferring instead to sell their products through representatives and through their website. As a result, we can offer only used A Beka, and can't guarantee we'll get it. We offer here the current retail price of the book for your information, but if our page does not say "Buy Used," we do not have a copy.

Includes all of the same content as A Beka item #31070, but with a new cover.

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