Half Magic

Half Magic

Half Magic Quartet Book 1
by Edward M. Eager
Publisher: Harcourt
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
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A dull summer is improved when Mark, Katharine, Jane and Martha find a magic talisman, which resembles a U.S. nickel. But this particular magical money is only half magic—it cuts a wish in half and grants half of it. This causes wonderful/magical difficulty. They meet Sir Launcelot, end up with a half-talking cat, get almost kidnapped in the Sahara desert, and start their mom on a new relationship. This book is full of adventure and suspense.

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Summary: Four children find a talisman that grants them exactly half of anything they wish for.

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  A Funny Book
Abby of Beaverton, 6/21/2016
I am nine years old, and I would recommend Half Magic because it is very funny. The beginning is kind of boring, but once you get into the second chapter it gets really interesting. I'm so glad I kept reading it because now I know all about it. I'm kind of like Jane because I am the oldest in my family. Here is a funny part in the story: Katherine (one of the main characters) wishes a piece of jello would go onto a knight's nose, and then the knights start fighting with each other because one of them thinks that one of the the other knights was playing a trick on him. All of the knights were SUPPOSED to be on the same team. I loved this book.
  A Wonderful Read!
Beth S. of Oregon, 2/10/2011
I picked up Half Magic after reading a book review and decided to read it aloud to my kids. I have never read anything by Edward Eager, so I was in for a real surprise myself. Half Magic is delightful, brimming with adventure and make believe, and extremely funny. My kids literally were rolling on the floor (and couch or chair, whichever was handy) laughing. This is a timeless classic and great for all ages. Highly recommended!