Hadley's Favorite Fiction

A homeschool graduate as of 2011, Hadley has always been one for reading and writing. Though her favorite genres have migrated from classic fantasy like the Lord of the Rings to sci fi like The Martian Chronicles, she would currently tell you that she has no favorite genre and prefers a mix of them all.

A five-year grueling adventure with Veritas Omnibus and a steady force-fed diet of classic literature has none the less managed to instill a love for ancient works, and she reads stuff like Herodotus and The Iliad with great pleasure. Modern non-fiction like A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is a relatively new genre for her, but she’s had fun discovering it.

In addition to being a book addict, she enjoys a wide variety of music, writes short stories here and there, and is currently exploring her new-found hobby of photography. Being the oldest, she is accustomed to instructing the ignorant and is interested in pursuing a career as a literature teacher.

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