H.M.S. Surprise

H.M.S. Surprise

Aubrey/Maturin #3
by Patrick O'Brian
Trade Paperback, 405 pages
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Historical Setting: Europe, early 1800s

Third in the series of Aubrey/Maturin adventures, this book is set among the strange sights and smells of the Indian subcontinent, and in the distant waters ploughed by the ships of the East India Company. Aubrey is on the defensive, pitting wits and seamanship against an enemy enjoying overwhelming local superiority. But somewhere in the Indian Ocean lies the prize that could make him rich beyond his wildest dream: the ships sent by Napoleon to attack the China Fleet...

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Exodus Rating:
FLAWS: Violence/fighting, language, sexual content
Summary: Aubrey and Maturin enjoy the Orient and fight desperately for love with the women of their dreams.

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