Gustavus Adolphus

Gustavus Adolphus

A Hero of the Reformation

by C.A. LaCroix
Publisher: Grace & Truth Books
Trade Paperback, 104 pages
Current Retail Price: $8.75

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The true story and the only biography in print of one of the forgotten heroes of history, particularly of the Great Reformation. This principled and righteous king, and famed general, is a model Christian for young men in many respects.

"One of the most important men in the history of the Reformation. His deep conviction and determination to see truth triumph cost him his life; but in losing it, he delivered nations..." (Tom Nettles). Great family reading or a book for anyone interested in godly military heroes.

From his boyhood, the grace of God formed in him skills and character with which he was destined to serve the interests of the kingdom of God. With the armies of Sweden at his command, he set out to preserve the freedom to preach the Word of God in Europe, resisting those who would have stamped out the truth of the Reformation. Even in the victories of his conquest, his character as a man of faith shone, as one of the mighty who nonetheless loved mercy in regard to even his enemies, and who said to his friends, "All that God has given me, I have given you without reserve, nor do I demand anything of you in return."

In an age when boys have few military heroes to whom they can look as manifesting distinctly Christian character, Gustavus Adolphus shines as a champion who battled for his Christian brothers in a foreign land, commanding a great army and yet bowing before a greater Lord, and who ultimately made the greatest sacrifice of all—that of laying down his life for his friends. If you want your sons to learn how faith and courage unite, this is a biography you will want them to read.

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