Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream

by Ruth Brindze, Helene Carter (Illustrator)
Publisher: Vanguard Press
©1945, Item: 88275
Library Binding, 63 pages
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A river in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! Yes, there is one, and its name is the Gulf Stream. It is a river that helped Columbus to discover America. It is one into which Benjamin Franklin dropped bottles and so came upon important mystery clues. It is a river which aviators call a "weather factory."

For a long time everything about the Gulf Stream was strange and baffling. Even today much about it is still mysterious. But since the time of Columbus, scientists have followed clues in it and so have solved many of its puzzles.

This beautiful book is filled with information and, because scientists must be detectives and adventurers, it is an exciting and amazing story.

—from the dust jacket

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