Greens Cook Book

Greens Cook Book

Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant

by Deborah Madison
Publisher: Bantam Books
Hardcover, 396 pages
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The Greens Cookbook is that rarity, a book that truly represents a revolution in cooking.  Here are the recipes that helped to create the boldly original and highly successful Greens Restaurant on San Francisco Bay.  Not only for vegetarians, this book caters to everyone who seeks delight in cooking and eating.  Using an extraordinary range of fresh ingredients in imaginative and delicious ways, it shows how to present a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

The Greens Cookbook contains more than 260 recipes for all seasons, all occasions, all tastes.  From bright, simple salads to beautifully spiraled roulades, here is a provocative, sophisticated and varied fare, dedicated to elegance and balance, taste and texture, color and freshness.

The Greens Cookbook presents everything you need to know to create and enjoy at home meals that draw rave reviews in the restaurant.  Inside you will find: Inspiring menus for spring, summer, winter, fall.  Everything from easy-to-prepare dishes for two to meals for a gala feast.  The first guide to selecting wines with vegetable dishes.  Glossaries of unfamiliar ingredients and useful kitchen equipment.  A generous and encouraging text that helps develop your skill and self-expression as a cook.  Insightful professional tips heading each recipe, and much more.

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