Greek Beak Match

Greek Beak Match

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The Song School Greek Program is a lively and gentle introduction to Koine Greek—the language of the New Testament. One of the mother tongues of the English language, Greek is also a perfectly orderly language, ideal to help us understand the structure of any language and learn how a language works. This program is an excellent prequel to our grammar-based, upper-elementary Greek for Children series.

With Greek Beak Match Flashcard Game, students can search for Greek and English matches, collect pairs, test their memory, play in groups, or play by themselves! This fun card game will sharpen their Greek skills. With over 135 Greek words, these cards contain all the vocabulary from Song School Greek. Greek Beak Match Flashcard Game can be used to play matching games such as Memory and Go Fish, and can also be used as flash cards for extra practice.

  • Featuring over 135 Greek words, each with a matching English translation card
  • Over 275 cards total!
  • Directions for 3 different games: Memory, Go Fish, and Apple Core (the Song School Greek version of Old Maid)
  • Can be used as Flashcards!
  • Includes two "Make Your Own" cards
  • English cards feature fun and simple designs
  • The deck is divided into 4 categories:

Please Note: Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns on opened copies of Greek Beak Match Flashcard Game.

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