Greek Alphabet - Teacher Guide

Greek Alphabet - Teacher Guide

by Cheryl Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
2nd Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9781547700240
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 82 pages
Price: $11.50

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Though the Greek alphabet is similar to our English alphabet, it is also different enough to be a major impediment to the study of Greek. Delving into the Greek grammar and learning the alphabet at the same time is overwhelming for most everyone. Give yourself the time to master the Greek letters and become comfortable with them before you plunge into Greek. Memoria Press’ Greek Alphabet program is a tour of the Greek letters, their formation, and sounds. A page is devoted to each letter and includes a letter diagram with arrows showing proper formation, printing lines showing placement of letters above and below the lines, letters to trace and copy, interesting facts and hints to help remember the letter’s sound, and questions. Each lesson consists of three letters, a review page, and a quiz.

A second unit includes practice in copying and sounding out Greek words, diphthongs, syllables, accent names, iota subscript, and breathing marks. By the end of this course, you will be ready to tackle the Greek grammar in First Form Greek.

The Greek Alphabet Book is an 80-page book suitable for any age from second grade to adult. It can be covered in a week or a year depending on the age of your student and how much time you want to invest each week. Highlands Latin School usesThe Greek Alphabet Book in the 5th or 6th grades over the course of a whole year, covering about two letters per week, and devoting about 30 minutes each week to Greek.

Suggested timeline for adding Greek to your curriculum:

  • 4th- Greek Alphabet Book
  • 5th- Elementary Greek: Year One
  • 6th- Elementary Greek: Year Two
  • 7th- Elementary Greek: Year Three
  • 8th- A Primer of Biblical Greek by N. Clayton Croy
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