Great Tribulation

Great Tribulation

by David Chilton
Publisher: Dominion Press
Mass market paperback, 195 pages
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Are we living in the Last Days? Are the signs of our times the Signs of the End? Is the Great Tribulation just around the corner?

For almost three generations evangelical Christians have answered these questions with an unequivocal "YES!"

In this challenging book, all the prophetic passages of Scripture dealing with the End Times are re-examined with careful attention to every revealing detail. And his conclusions are nearly as startling as the prophesies themselves.

The Great Tribulation is the kind of sane, balanced, and easy to understand introduction to End Times theology that Christians have needed for a long, long time.

David Chilton is the author of several pioneering works on biblical prophesy including the Days of Vengeance, a massive and highly acclaimed commentary on the Book of Revelation. He died in 1997 at the age of 45.

Table of Contents:

    Publisher's Preface
  1. The Terminal Generation
  2. Coming on the Clouds
  3. The Coming of the Antichrist
  4. The Last Days
  5. The Coming of the New Covenant
  6. The Four Horsemen
  7. Vengeance for the Martyrs
  8. The Book Is Opened
  9. Jerusalem Under Siege
  10. All Creation Takes Vengeance
  11. It Is Finished!

    Scripture Index
    Publisher's Epilogue by Gary North
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Great Tribulation
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