Great Men of Medicine

Great Men of Medicine

World Landmark #49
by Ruth Fox Hume, Robert Frankenberg (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
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The foundations of modern medical science were laid by many men, including the ten giants whose careers and discoveries are described in this exciting book.

The first of these men, Vesalius, founded the science of the human body. Paré, Morton, and Lister were pioneers in the field of surgery. The rest made outstanding contributions in other branches of medicine—Jenner in vaccination, Laënnec in diagnosis, Pasteur and Koch in the battle against disease germs, Banting in the control of diabetes, and Fleming in the discovery of penicillin.

All of these men devoted their lives to their discoveries. And to all of them mankind owes an everlasting debt.

Great Men of Medicine was first published in 1947. It was so popular that Random House reprinted it eleven times. The American Association for the Advancement of Science chose the book for inclusion in the Traveling Elementary School Science Library.

Now, taking advantage of the latest research into medical history, the author has prepared a new version especially for the World Landmark series. With the publication of this new edition, still more readers will discover the fascination of Great Men of Medicine.


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