Great Folktales of Old Ireland

Great Folktales of Old Ireland

by Mary McGarry (Compiler and Introduction), Richard Hook (Illustrations)
Hardcover, 112 pages
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Story-telling has always been an intrinsic part of the Celtic way of life, an amusement as old as the race itself. The narratives, peopled with both deities and mortals who dwell in a land of adventure, warfare and romance, form perhaps one of the oldest vernacular literatures of any European nation. The Celtic realm is a veritable treasure trove for the keen folklorist, and indeed for all who enjoy an exciting fireside tale.

Great Folk Tales of Old Ireland, compiled by Mary McGarry, is a collection of 17 Celtic stories, haunting, beautiful, lyrical and humorous.

The jacket illustrations and the black and white drawings inside, are by Richard Hook, an artist specially commissioned for his ability to capture the magic of the folk tale.

This introduction to what Yeats aptly termed 'The Celtic Twilight' may encourage the reader to delve more deeply into a world of which the limits are still hidden in the hazy Irish mist.

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