Great Courses - Francis of Assisi

Great Courses - Francis of Assisi

Great Courses
by William R. Cook, Ronald B. Herzman
Audio CD
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Twelve Lecture Series Including:

Lecture 1: Why Francis of Asissi is Alive Today

Lecture 2: The Larger World Francis Inherited

Lecture 3: The Local World Francis Inherited

Lecture 4: From Worldly Knight to Kight of Christ

Lecture 5: Francis and the Church

Lecture 6: Humility, Poverty, Simplicity

Lecture 7: Preaching and Ministeries of Compassion

Lecture 8: Knowing and Experiencing Christ

Lecture 9: Not Francis Alone - The Order(s) Francis Founded

Lecture 10: Not Men Alone - St. Clare and St. Francis

Lecture 11: The Franciscans After Francis

Lecture 12: A Message For Our Time

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